Friday, August 19, 2011

The Good Sport-Day 5

By Anthony Segreto
Archbishop McCarthy

Ahhh, the woes of being an injured athlete. I was so disappointed I had to sit out another practice today, I really felt myself wanting to get into the drills today. All practice today was going through the playbook, so even though I didn't get to play, it was still interesting learning about the different offensive plays. The complexities are numerous, viewing them firsthand while they are being explained to the players is so different from watching the play's finished form. Whether it's a certain gap for a runners to dive into, an adjustment that a receiver has to run, or a blocking assignment for a tight end, it is stuff that escapes even the keenest football eye. I find myself developing so much a deeper appreciation for the game, and learning more and more every day. Tomorrow's the last day I'll be out with the team, hopefully my knee will be all healed up.

- The Good (but injured) Sport

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