Monday, August 15, 2011

The Good Sport-Day 1

By Anthony Segreto
Archbishop McCarthy

I survived! I am happy to report that all of my limbs are still in good working order (even if they are sore beyond belief). Day one went better than I could've ever expected (and to be honest, I was incredible nervous). Am I a superstar? No way! I can't catch a cold. But the team welcomed me with open arms, despite my lack of skill and grace. I got to school about three o'clock and was outfitted with a helmet and cleats (Due to a school policy, I won't be able to put on pads until Wednesday). And off I was! From what I understand, today was a light day, due to a few things. 1. The lightning alarm kept sounding, so because of that we had to go inside and work in there. We ran through the playbook, but because I didn't have pads, I didn't get to participate in the different motions. Irregardless, it was still fascinating to watch football be played in my cafeteria (and watching in horror as ketchup dispensers nearly got knocked over by players being pushed out of bounds). The second reason that today was a light day was because it was our new Defensive Coordinator's first day on the job, so a bulk of the day was spent learning about the defense he is planning on implementing.
But how did I fare?
I was roughed up, as expected. I mainly worked with the receivers today, running, catching (dropping), and dodging as I attempted to imagine myself in an NFL game actually making decent plays. I really enjoyed today, even though I am exhausted, I really felt like part of the team. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow, even though it'll probably be a lot more intense than today.

Until next time,
The Good Sport

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