Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Sports Fix

Now that the Miami Heat have won the NBA championship and King James has his ring, a hush falls over Floridian sports fans as we try to think of what to occupy our week nights with now that the NBA finals and Heat parties are over. Below are 3 sports or sporting events to keep your sports fix in check over the summer.

1. Baseball
Baseball is an acquired taste, and many find it boring, but if you haven't tried watching baseball before, try it out. The Miami Marlins seem to be having a better season that last year's so far, so now may be the time to start watching!

2. Soccer
The #1 sport in almost every other part of the world besides the U.S., teams from around the world are battling for the Euro 2012 championship. Check out your family tree to discover what nationality (or nationalities) you are, and therefore what teams to cheer for!

3. Summer Olympics
The summer olympics begin July 27 in London, England and include a variety of sports, many of which I know little to nothing about, including archery, gymnastics, rowing, sailing, volleyball, shooting, fencing, diving, and more. For the nonconformists among us, the 2012 summer olympics may be calling your name.

Rowing appeared simple and effortless-looking to me - that is, until I tried it and realized how hard it is to row perfectly in sync with everyone else in your canoe, while trying not to tip it...and how tired my weak arms were afterward. Most of the odd, seemingly nerdy sports people make fun of actually require a lot of skill and hard work, like the mainstream ones everyone knows about. Before you make fun of it, try it might be surprised!

As we wait with bated breath for the college football, NFL and NHL seasons to begin, try watching a sport you know little about or trying a new sport with your friends.

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