Monday, September 20, 2010

Miami Heat Season Outlook- Week of September 20th

The Miami Heat's season opener is just a little over a month away and there is still plenty of buzz to the dismay of sports reporters about none other than Lebron James.

Lebron just cannot seem to get himself out of the spotlight. This starts nine days ago when he says he wanted Ohio State to beat the Miami Hurricanes so I can understand why he is not liked in any location outside of Miami. The homeless in the streets of Miami don't even want his jerseys but then again that gesture from the Clevelanders was pretty disrespectful to start with.

In other news, the Heat want to sign Erik Dampier. At this point, it doesn't really matter who they sign as he will most likely only play after the Heat are up by 40 in garbage time. A nice pickup nonetheless, Dampier is a strong inside presence that will free up minutes from Haslem and Big Z. It could also be a nice insurance policy for the injury prone Z.

Miami Thrice starts October 26th and I cannot wait!

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